Serrapeptase is perhaps one of the world’s most exciting enzymes being studied in regard to its wide variety of clinical applications. Currently, especially in Europe and Asia, it is clinically used for many, many negative health conditions. One of the most well-known proponents for this enzyme was the German physician, Dr. Hans Nieper. He had great success supplementing with serrapeptase to promote normal heart and circulatory system health.

Nattokinase is a powerful proteolytic enzyme that has fibrinolytic health benefits. It is best known for its astounding fibrinolytic (anti-clotting) capacities. Perhaps its most supported use is in the area of cardiovascular health, where it helps to rejuvenate healthy fibrin metabolism and reduce blood clotting, thus making it an extremely powerful, all-natural enzymatic support which may aid in deterring both heart disease and stroke. Nattokinase has also been scientifically proven to offer relief from joint swelling.

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Serrapeptase 250.000 iU  30 caps

Serrapeptase 250.000 iU 30 caps

Serrapeptase Super High Strength 250,000IU Delayed Release (Enteric) Capsules.High Quality Super Hig..


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